Environmental Mission

Imperial is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint as we continue to introduce measurements moving forward through the use of innovations, technology and sustainable resources. Here is how we are going to accomplish this:

  • Imperial is working with and encouraging our suppliers to be aware of their environmental impact.
  • Imperial always has and will continue to recycle all waste and encourage others to do the same. Waste includes paper, plates, corrugated, pallets, inks, solvents, computers, light bulbs and metal.
  • Consolidated two facilities into one in order to reduce transportation and reduce energy by moving into a more efficient building.
  • Purchased a more energy efficient plate setter.
  • Replacing old light fixtures in new facility with Orion lighting which has an energy savings of 50% while providing 50% better lighting, worker safety, reduced heat and less noise.
  • All chemicals and solvents used contain low VOC’s. (volatile organic compounds)
  • Years ago we eliminated the use of alcohol and alcohol substitutes in the printing process.
  • Chemicals used in the plate making process are properly neutralized before discarding.
  • Inks are vegetable based which have a far less concentration of VOC’s which ensure less of an impact on the environment. Using Biolocity Inks which have the lowest VOC’s of any ink produced.
  • When feasible, we print on biodegradable plastics as well as recycled papers.
  • Imperial is a certified G7 master printer.
  • FSC® or SFI® Certification – Our certifications are your guarantee that the fiber in the papers we use are responsibly harvested in a well-managed forest; it was rigorously tracked from: The forest ~ Pulp Mill ~ Paper Manufacturer ~ Paper Merchant ~ Imperial. We are proud to be Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) certified both in our offset and digital printing operations.

Producing paper from post-consumer recycled fiber utilizes far less water than virgin paper. Every day we quantify the dramatic amount of water that you save by using Imperial for your printing needs