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eCommerce as a Sales Tool

This video showcases the five main reasons that companies love using Imperial Litho’s eCommerce custom portals to help their business development.

E-Commerce, Fulfillment

Imperial Fulfillment Project | Trex Hideaway Kit

This video showcases a Fulfillment project which involved creating production content, packing, and distribution of a customer kit. The video showcases the intricacies and logistics of the kit building process.

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DAWN OF A NEW ERA Fulfillment Kit Building Project

This video showcases a Fulfillment project which involved creating production content, packing, and distribution of a Dealer Kit. The video briefly runs through the logistics of the kit building process.

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Blanker – Scrapper Machine

An invaluable addition to the Imperial Finishing Department’s arsenal of tools, the Blanker – Scrapper machine automates the process of cutting and eliminating waste from die cut sheets. The resulting increase in production efficiencies yields gains in productivity as well as delivering a higher level of service to our customer base.

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Rishi Tea Box

Collaboration on unique packaging projects is a formidable strength of Imperial Litho. Each project is carefully analyzed for best outcome requirements based on customer needs. This Rishi Tea box is a great example of working hand-in-hand with the customer to produce a unique packaging design.

Combining embossing effects with spot foil embellishments yields an effective and visually appealing result.


We Are Here For You

During the Pandemic shutdown, Imperial maintained full production schedules to keep producing and delivering products to its customer base. This short video reaffirmed our commitment to our customers during those difficult times.

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Chicken Boxes

Delivering unique solutions to the marketplace, Imperial collaborated with a large national distributor of poultry delivery packaging to create and produce over 4M cartons per year.

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Destination Launch Kit

Imperial can print, mount, die cut and finish produce kits which hold product literature of varying customer specs. We can efficiently store then distribute these kits anywhere that customers require.

Fulfillment, Printing Service

Firestone Any Forecast Kit

Collaborating with the customer, Imperial produced various marketing and training collateral, combining the elements into a kit which was distributed nationally on behalf of the customer.

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Cranberry Fizz Box

Imperial offers a full range of promotional & custom packaging services–

We offer custom product development, manufacture rigid boxes, sales kits, sewn bags and cases and related products. We have the ability to combine those products and services, offering unique award-winning packaging. Coupled with a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, we can produce, store, fulfill, and ship to you or distribute products on your behalf.

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Goldfish Box

We employ Finishes & Print Effects meant to dazzle!

Our state-of-the-art facility and enhanced capabilities allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of options including:

  • digital, wide format, or conventional printing
  • foil stamping
  • embossing
  • and much more!
Fulfillment, Printing Service

Gift Set Box

We create custom packaging and boxes that sizzle!

Custom packaging and boxes can turn your brand into a powerhouse product. We offer full customization, embellishments which include digitally applied opaque white, gold or silver metallic toners in sizes up to 13″ x 40″ materials.

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Tequila Box

Light as a feather!

A stunning display on retail shelves will make your product packaging feels effortlessly high-end. Made from 14pt, 18pt, or 24pt paperboard or fluted materials, these boxes are durable and much stronger than you would anticipate. Pair them with a durable mailer or shipping box for extra protection when delivering to customers.

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Onset Ultra Wide Format Digital

In 2007, the launch of the Inca Onset created a paradigm shift in digital print quality delivering a digital press that for the first time could access screen printing volume and become a real workhorse for its owners. A robust, reliable, high throughput yet flexible platform that has established itself as the definitive multi-pass printer, the Onset continues to evolve and consistently delivers for our customers.

Capable of printing on any material up to 2″ thick, the finished print size of the output measures up to 5ft x 10ft in glorious high resolution color.

Fulfillment, Printing Service

Rishi Tea Box

Rishi Tea was founded on the commitment to set the standard for quality and expand the awareness of exceptional tea and its rich, inspirational tradition. They offer premium tea and botanicals imported directly from growers across the world and draw inspiration from ancient artisanal practices that use organic cultivation techniques as well as modern culinary innovation. Rishi Tea was among the first to earn organic certification under the USDA’s Natural Organic Program in November of 2002. They are the vanguard practitioners of tea and botanical arts. Their commitment to excellence is second-to-none.

Imperial Lithographing is proud to be a production partner of Rishi Tea. We manufacture over 1.2M quality tea boxes annually spanning well over 50+ brands (Sku’s).

This short 2.5 minute video showcases the 3 dimensional aspects of a finished carton.

Fulfillment, Printing Service

FIRESTONE Launch Kit 2020

This unique award-winning collaborative design between Imperial and this nationally recognized brand is an example of the close communication which occurs between many of our customers and our internal design staff. The customer had a “concept” of a finished piece which would highlight their brand to their national network of dealers.

Working hand-in-hand with our in-house design team, sales, manufacturing departments, fulfillment, and customer service, the Launch Kit became a hallmark project showcasing pre-production cooperation between our staff and the customer.

Fulfillment, Printing Service

Pop Up Box

Our creative team excels in developing visually appealing and effective point-of-purchase displays and mechanicals designed to maximize selling power. Our design departments are equipped to handle rapid sampling, prototyping and testing.

Imperial Litho can work with every level of your organization to identify and implement point of purchase packaging solutions both large and small.

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Junkle Kit

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Xerox Iridesse Digital Prepress

Kohl’s Internship Kit

B2B vs B2C eCommerce

WeatherGrip Kit Collaborative Process

Block City Box

We invest in the latest print technology so we can meet and exceed your needs.

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